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other tongue, 2023.

In September 2022 I was an artist in residence at The Museum of Loss and Renewal in Collemacchia, Italy. I attended this residency as a means of switching off to the everyday and fully immersing myself in my practice. I proposed a project wherein which I would explore the capacity for asemic writing to communicate across all linguistic meaning. I would place myself in the local community and investigate through first hand research how these ideas might translate in a setting where the language spoken is not my mother tongue. How might a language that I do not understand look visually?

The work that I made in Italy culminated in an artists' book - 'other tongue', and after the residency had ended I realised that the experience had the potential for further works. I could continue the project in new settings, adding more volumes to the archive. I want to explore community and togetherness through language, and create new work based on my findings.

volume I conversazioni a Filignano 

conversazioni a Filignano is a series of prints that echo the passionate dialogue that I recorded during my time in Italy. The energetic flux of discussions that were had over a morning coffee were scattered with interjections and exclamations, and became a series of oral landscapes that captured the choreography of conversation.


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